Jiri Lukes


photo/concept: Michal Hor


first performance: 27.1. 2012, Teatre Estudi, Institut del teatre Barcelona

ELEMENTHIS! from Dana Pala on Vimeo.

choreography: Dana Pala
dance – interpretation: Laila Tafur
music: Jiří Lukeš
light design/photo: Michal Hor
costume: Nguyen Ha thanh

Elementhis is a multimedial project that explores and utilizes the possibilities of photography, choreography and original music composition. Choreography is concerned with three stages of the birth of new elements. The first part, Embryo, operates with extreme positions of the body, with the obscurity of limbs and bodystructure. The second part, Paradox Pel, gives an image of moving through the air in the space with the body covered with the butterfly pel that determines death by touch. The last part inspired by Medusa’s body coincides with the space. The choreography material creates the illusion of the movement in water, soft and pulsating life. Element (from latin Elements, element, the letter) is something simple, primary, what more complicated things consist of or are based on.